Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Returning to school to reach his dreams

Life Learner, Vishal Chauhan
In the Kalwa slums, it is very difficult for children to remain in school. Parents often have to make the difficult decision of pulling their children out of school, in order for them to get a job and help with living expenses. GPM wants to give every young person a chance to remain in school or return to lessons. With the help of our summer 2017 volunteer cohort, we created the Life Learning program.

The "life learners" have the opportunity to take afternoon classes at the GPM learning center. Many of these students are returning to school to better their education and receive more opportunities. HayleyDsouza,  the GPM educational supervisor in the Kalwa slums, sat down with Vishal Chauhan, an enthusiastic and determined young man. 

Vishal loves learning and understands the importance of education in order to fulfill his dreams, " I want to be fluent in English to impress the people that interview me for jobs. Although English is a challenging subject, I hope to be fluent one day." 
GPM volunteers with the Life Leaners

The life learning program has brought pride to these young students. When Hayley asked him what his family thought about him returning to school, he instantly smiled and said, "My father is so proud of me. He can’t wait for me to keep learning." 

We hope Vishal knows that we too are so proud of him, and all of the other life learners. 

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