Thursday, August 24, 2017

Caring for children at the Sharvan Health Clinic, meet Priti Chaurasya

The Sharvan Health Center is not an ordinary health clinic. It is the first of its kind in the Kalwa slums, and its patients are some of the poorest people in India. The medical staff that works there is as one of a kind as the clinic that they work in. Hayley Dsouza, the GPM educational supervisor in the Kalwa slums, took time to speak with Priti Chaurasya, a member of the medical staff. 
Priti Chaurasya, member of the medical staff

Priti was born and raised in the Kalwa slum. She has been working at the Shravan Health Center for over a year as a medical outreach officer. Priti talks about the importance to a clinic in the slums to the children and women that she treats: "Having a clinic in the slums is extremely beneficial. It is important for the sick of this area to have access to a doctor."  Along with all of the medical staff, Priti brings patience, understanding, and love to the clinic, "I like to help people feel better from their suffering. I am not a doctor but I feel like one after the patient comes back and tells me how much better they are doing. I feel relieved when the patient gets medicine and becomes healthy." 
Child receiving free vacination

The children of the slums are extremely vulnerable to malnutrition. Malnutrition causes both physical and mental underdevelopment, lowers childrens immunity and leads to ill-health. Thanks to the Dr. Gerald J. Friedman Infant Malnutrition Intervention Program at the Sharvan Health Center, malnourished infants are receiving a special formula that helps them gain weight and grow, "There is a change in the children that we treat. . They are treated with a lot of care..especially the malnourished children. After they receive treatment, I notice them gaining weight and felling better."  

GPM is extremely proud of the clinic and the benefits that it brings to this vulnerable community. Thank you to Priti Chaurasya, and the rest of the medical staff at Shravan Health Center. 

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