Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kivunim participants build exciting connections with GPM volunteers

Jewish peoplehood came alive at GPM when participants from Kivunim, a Jewish gap-year program encountered GPM Entwine Spring 2014 volunteers. The meeting, which took place at the famous Mumbai landmark Knesset Eliyahu Synagogue in late March, was facilitated by GPM Program Coordinator Sigalith Isaac Kurulkar. Sigalith introduced the Kivunim group to GPM’s work with vulnerable children in the slums of Mumbai, exploring the impact of GPM nutrition, health, hygiene and literacy initiatives. GPM volunteers described their day to day work in the slums of Mumbai and the experiences and challenges of living in Mumbai while caring for marginalized children. The groups exchanged insights, ideas and emotions about the roles and responsibilities of the Jewish people in caring for vulnerable children of the world.

Kivunim is a unique gap-year program built on the philosophy of instilling in young Jewish adults a “world consciousness”. As part of the Kivunim vision of Jewish education and peoplehood, participants experience an intensive academic and experiential encounter with Middle Eastern, North African, Asian and European cultures. Kivunim participants study and travel to a dozen different countries, where the history of Jewish life demonstrates the powerful integration of surrounding cultures into the rhythm and experience of Judaism, fostering a strong identity rooted in knowledge of Jewish life while engaged with the international community.

Special thanks to Kivunim Founder and Director Peter Gefen for relaying his support in saying that GPM is doing “such magnificent work!”

The GPM team looks forward to more encounters with Kivunim.