Thursday, December 1, 2016

Temple Emanuel’s Global Mitzvah Shabbat Highlights Gabriel Project Mumbai

The following blog was contributed by Temple Emnual, Kensington Maryland on the participation of Gabe Davidson (GPM-Entwine fellow Summer 2014) participation in their recent Global Mitzvah Shabbat:

The Global Mitzvah Shabbat Service on November 18, 2016 at Temple Emanuel, Kensington, Maryland featured  Gabe Davidson who received a Jewish Studies fellowship to serve in the Gabriel Project Mumbai during the summer of 2014. Gabe is currently an elementary school teacher and masters candidate in Baltimore, Maryland.
Rabbi Warren Stone, Brina Saklad, Gabe Davidson, Sanders Davidson, Stan Fagen

To  the audience of more than 100,  Gabe provided a fascinating overview of  GPM,  explaining what the project seeks to accomplish, the population served, and the model for Jewish community involvement both from Mumbai area residents and students/fellows from around the world.  Gabe gave lively examples of his own role and responsibilities and shared the lifelong impact of GPM on his own perspective.  In particular, he expressed his deep belief in Tikkun Olam and the Torah’s moral imperative that although no one person, organization or project can repair all that is needed, one cannot desist from trying. Gabe ended his inspiring talk by informing the congregation and students who to contact to follow in his footsteps or connect personally to GPM.
In front of a GPM poster board