Sunday, November 6, 2016

Meet Gabriel Project Mumbai’s new Entwine Fall 2016 fellows

Leore, Alec, Coby and Rachel have finished their orientation and educational training in Mumbai and tomorrow they start providing literacy and nutrition support to children in the slums of Mumbai. We wish them good luck:

Rachel Skolnick

Rachel is an energetic and passionate Philadelphia native, who has spent the last 7 years living and working in Washington, DC. Always fascinated by people and how they connect, Rachel graduated Lehiqh University with a degree is Psychology. During her time there, Rachel spent a semester in Rome, where she was able to explore and be immersed in the local culture, and of course fell in love with the food.
Social Impact has been at the core of Rachel’s professional career, which has led her to marketing roles at mission driven organizations from the nonprofit world to the startup world. Rachel is passionate about the way digital technology can connect us, and has continued to gain expertise in the latest trends by completing a Digital Marketing Certificate from Georgetown University. In 2015, Rachel was named by General Assembly as one of their Women on the Rise, for her passion for social innovation and leadership as a woman in the technology sector. A lover of travel and adventure, Rachel has visited over 15 countries, most recently climbing Machu Picchu in August 2016.

Coby Palivathukal

Coby Palivathukal is a rising junior studying philosophy at Stanford University. He was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona to two Jewish parents, and Judaism has and continues to play a large role in his life. Even though he attended a Catholic high school, Brophy College Preparatory, he founded a Jewish Student Union, a club that met every week in order to foster a community for Jewish students in an otherwise non-Jewish environment. He is additionally passionate about education and has served in a teaching role for children as an English tutor, a swim coach, and a camp counselor. He is currently working at Stanford Sierra Camp, a camp for Stanford alumni and their families both as a counselor for the 7 and 8 year olds and as a chef in the kitchen. His main hobby is competitive swimming, and he was honored as an All-American during high school and was awarded the Stanford club athlete of the year award this past year. His other hobbies include hiking, reading, writing, cooking, and spending time with friends.

Leore Lusana

Leore Lusana was born in Israel and moved to the United States at the age of six. She recently graduated from the University of Hartford with a dual degree in Elementary and Special Education. She is currently working at the Vanguard School, a school geared towards working with students with autism, behavioral, and emotional disturbances. She cares about people and has always wanted to be a part of something important where she can make a difference in the lives of children. Learning about other’s cultures and customs is an interest of hers and she hopes to be able to discover more throughout this journey.

Alec Leve

Alec Leve graduated from college with a degree in Environmental Studies and a GPA of 5.5. He has been the Waterfront Director at his childhood Jewish summer camp for the past two summers. He sees this experience as the thing that has contributed most to his personal and professional growth and his ability to lead. He loves spending his time in ways that improve his skill set. He loves to read, play chess and also guitar. He also loves playing sports except for golf. As a recent college graduate he is looking for an opportunity to do something that will make a positive impact on others as well as himself.