Thursday, December 24, 2015

The story of Anju

Anju has lived in the Bhaskar Nagar slums in Kalwa all her life. At a young age her parents saw that she was a clever child and made it a priority for her to receive an education. This was no easy feat as Anju's parents were struggling just to survive in the slums of Mumbai.  Anju was part of the only 10% of children who continue their education in highschool; most children enter the work force at age 12. After finishing year 10 Anju was selected by ourpartner organization, REAP, to teach in one of their classes in the slums. Anju taught for 5 years and was admired for her professionalism and dedication to her students.  Indeed Gabriel Project Mumbai (GPM) volunteers enjoyed working with her while giving informal classes to the children in her class. Anju married and has a beautiful boy Ansch.

In 2015 Anju joined GPM's Shravan Health Center as the clinic community outreach coordinator. Her connection to to the medical clinic is very strong as she was Shravan's teacher for many years including when Shravan tragically passed away [Read more HERE]. Anju is excited with her new occupation as she manages outreach health programs for her community with the guidance of the doctors and medical staff.

GPM and our partners Doctors For You are glad to have Anju join our team and work together to make a profound impact on her community.

Anju showing a group of GPM volunteers from Princeton University (Center for Jewish Life) her medical kit that she takes with her on house visits to pregnant women in the slums. Anju has been trained to take blood, pressure, measure sugar levels check fetal heartbeats, and other basic medical procedures.

Anju and other medical staff outside the Shravan Health Center