Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Getting to know one another over a cup of chai

Its time for chai at GPM!

The local Jewish Indian interns and the GPM-JDC international volunteers are a major part of Gabriel Project Mumbai (GPM). Both groups of young people take time out of their regular lives to get involved with underprivileged children and the Mumbai communities they live in. They local and international volunteers offer experiential and informal education to the children living in the Kalwa slums and rural villages. Along with their teachers the volunteers offer learning experiences unavailable to the children and send a daily message to the children that they are worthy of a well rounded education, nutrition and healthcare.

Demonstration of Acro-yoga
While in Mumbai, the international volunteers are welcomed by the local Jewish community and the local interns. GPM facilitates an innovative event when these two groups together. It is not everyday that young people from different parts of the world get to sit down with one another and share ideas, knowledge, and laughs. This is why GPM created Chai Time Talks. 

Chai Time Talks is much like Ted Talks, where experts in a variety of fields share ideas. During Chai Time Talks, local and international Jewish service volunteers share their insights in many topics that interest them in their Jewish and their overall lives. It is a fun way for the volunteers and interns to get to know one another, while also learning form each other.

The most recent Chai Time Talks in early August, featured sessions on: acro-yoga, history of the Jewish population in India, living a life with meaning, and many other interesting topics.

Chai Time Talks are enjoyed by all and we are pleased that our local interns and international volunteers get the chance to learn from one another.

(And yes, chai is served at Chai Time Talks!)

Group photo at Chai Time Talks

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