Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Meet Hayley Dsouza, the GPM Educational Coordinator

From the moment you sit down with Hayley Dsouza, it is easy to understand why the GPM children adore her. She is kind, warm, and patient, and she is not afraid to act silly with the kids.

Hayley is the GPM Educational Coordinator in the Love2Learn classes in the Kalwa slums. She joined in February 2013, and has grown immensely in her role. Her job includes supervising the several classes in the Love2Learn educational network, monitor and liaise with teachers and integrate volunteer groups. She is the senior educator for the preschool classes.

Hayley says she learned a lot about a world she didn't know about before joining GPM, "I live one station away from the Kalwa slums, but I didn't know that the slums in Kalwa existed" Hayley explains, "GPM has taught me so much about what goes on in my own backyard. Today I am so proud to be a part of the GPM team. "
Hayley and her preschoolers 

The children love coming to the GPM classes. They are supported and loved by all the staff, "When I see the smiles of the children..they are just so happy to be there. Especially my nursery school class. They are little, but clearly excited to come into class. This does not feel like work to me, it just feels like I'm doing some good for my community."

Hayley lives in Mumbai with her husband Lloyd and daughter Faith, who she absolutely adores. 

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