Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Meet Ranjani Sharma, an inspiring local GPM teacher

Teacher Ranjana Sharma
Teachers make all the difference. We could not succeed in our work to educate these incredible children living in the slums and underserved rural villages without the dedication from our local teachers. These women and men come to the classroom everyday with a smile on their faces ready to teach, support, and love their students. 

Hayley Dsouza, the GPM educational supervisor in the Kalwa slums, sat down and interviewed Ranjani Sharma, a young teacher with a lot of determination and passion to ensure her students succeed in and out of the classroom, "I want my students to be smart, active, and bold. I don’t want them to be shy...I want them to not only learn their subjects at the GPM 'Love2Learn' classes, but to feel brave enough to come up in front of the class and discuss what they are thinking."  
Children standing next to their beloved teacher

The children living in the Kalwa slums grow up under difficult and challenging conditions. The GPM Love2Learn education network and their teachers provide them with security, nutrition, health and nurture throughout the year, "I want people to know that children don’t only come to learn what is in their books, but also to learn ideas and information from volunteers who teach about hygiene and they experience so many learning moments here that are not from books. I want these children’s parents to know this..they learn so much about life while in school" Rajani added. "It is important for the children to enjoy what they  experience in school and share it with their friends and family as it makes the whole community stronger."

When Ranjani is not teaching at GPM, she enjoys visiting her ancestral village and extended family there.

We are extremely grateful for the passion and dedicated work of Ranjani and all of our other hardworking teachers. 

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