Friday, November 22, 2013

Naftali Bennet in India: GPM, ‘Keep up the good work!’

When Economy Minister of Israel Naftali Bennet arrived in India last month he took some time out of his
MK Naftali Bennet with GPM's Sigalith Kurulkar
busy schedule to address the Jewish Community of India. On Oct 10, hundreds of people flocked from all parts of Mumbai and beyond to hear the Israeli parliamentarian speak at the famous Baghdadi Synagogue, Knesset Eliyahu in the artsy Kala Goda district in the south of the city. In the crowd was Sigalith Kurulkar, Gabriel Project Mumbai’s  (GPM) Program Coordinator.

After a moving speech about the importance of Israel-Diaspora relations, Sigalith approached the Knesset member as he was making his way through the crowd. Sigalith introduced herself and complimented Mr Bennet on his address. She then informed MK Bennet of the activities of GPM, a Jewish initiative providing nutrition and literacy for children living in India's slums. Sigalith mentioned that GPM has had in the past, and currently has Israeli volunteers on its program as well other Jewish volunteers from around the world. MK Bennet was visibly impressed with the work performed by GPM’s staff and international & local volunteers and before he was whisked away by his security detail, he excitedly told Kurulkar that she and GPM should ‘keep up the good work!’

MK Bennet’s inspiring words was encouraging to us at GPM. His evident excitement about this Jewish organization - with ties to Israel - doing powerfully good work for children in need was heartening.
MK Naftali Bennet speaking at Knesset Eliyahu Synagogue, Mumbai

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