Tuesday, November 19, 2013

GPM Achievements 2013: Changing the lives of hundreds of children in the slums of India

Thanks to the support of people like you Gabriel Project Mumbai (GPM), a Jewish initiative in the heart of the slums of Mumbai, along with our local partners REAP and JDC India,  will have achieved the following in 2013: 
  • Provided 206,000 nutritious hot meals to 750 children ages 3-12 attending classes in the slums.
    Enabled 825,000 hours of learning for children living in the slums. These classes were provided by the devoted and skilled teachers of our partner organization REAP. 
  • Dedicated over 600 volunteer hours to the children living in the slums. Jewish volunteers from around the world as well as Indian Jewish volunteers have provided these informal classes in English, Math, Science and Hygiene. 
  • Supported the economic betterment of 200 women in local self-help groups, with a fantastic micro- financing program that helps women support their families and strengthen the slum community
  • Involved dozens of Jewish volunteers from around the world and Jewish Indians in volunteering with children in the slums 
  • Equipped a central kitchen in the Kalwa slums with essential cooking equipment to help local women cook food for the children in the slums. 
  • Provided  80 hours of classes in Jewish Social Justice values, Jewish Indian History, spoken Hindi and Indian Culture for our local and international Jewish volunteers. 
  • Developed 2 strong partnerships with JDC & JDC Entwine to bring Jewish young adults from around the world and local Jewish Indian young adults to volunteer with the Hindu and Muslim children living in absolute poverty in the slums of Mumbai. We have also nurtured a dynamic partnership with a fantastic local NGO, 'REAP' that provides dedicated, professional and nurturing teachers in the slums. 
We are extremely grateful for the partner organizations who help us help the children. Thanks to the wonderfully dedicated and professional teachers and coordinators at REAP who are devoted to the welfare of the children and allow us to work alongside them. We also are grateful to the wonderful people at the JDC and JDC Entwine for their support in volunteer recruitment, promoting GPM's mission and strong belief in helping others and alleviating  poverty around the world.

Please join us in our campaign to provide nutritious meals and quality education to the children living in the slums of India. Join us to fight malnutrition and illiteracy and help us give these wonderful children a better future!

Please click here to donate to GPM today.

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