Thursday, May 9, 2013

The spirit of caring: North Carolina to Mumbai

Erin Paley and a sweetie!
The students and staff of Carolina Day School in Ashville NC recently collected toys and school supplies to send to the children living in the slums of Mumbai. The school encourages its students to participate in community service projects locally and around the world so when they read about the volunteer experience of one of their former students in the slums of Mumbai, they felt the need to lend a hand.

Nineteen year-old, Erin Paley, wrote a blog about her experiences teaching children in the slums of Mumbai while volunteering with Gabriel Project Mumbai. In one of her blog entries Erin described some of the difficulties faced by families in the slums and the day-to-struggle to provide nutrition and education to their children.  The 3rd and 8th grade students at Carolina Day School partnered together and took upon themselves to make a difference and to send a thoughtful  package of toys and school supplies; a wonderful gesture of caring.

“One of our goals is to provide opportunities and encouragement for students to reach beyond themselves so each grade at our school has specific community service projects” explains John Douglas, Middle School Assistant Principal at Carolina Day School.” We mentioned to Erin that we, as a school, would like to do something to help her efforts and support the children and Erin said that sending a box of small toys and school supplies would mean a lot to the kids in the slums.”

Carolina Day School has implemented many global initiatives as part of its curriculum and the students and teachers are enthusiastic about helping others. “We know that we must create educational opportunities for our students that allow them to understand the commonalities that exist throughout humanity and to see diversity of opinion and thought as a strength that can be used to promote solutions to the huge problems that exist today” continued Douglas.

Gabriel Project Mumbai volunteers will distribute the toys and school supplies in early June 2013, at the start of the academic year in India.

Thank you faculty and students at Carolina Day School!

Erin volunteering in the slums. Lesson today: World Continents
Carolina Day School students holding a box of toys and school supplies
School supplies

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