Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gabriel Project Mumbai in 'Kol India'

Gabriel Project Mumbai is grateful for the support of the JDC, India and the warm Jewish community of Mumbai. GPM was featured in the latest edition of 'Kol India' published by the JDC and servicing the Indian Jewish community. The article is below:

 Gabriel Project Mumbai brings young Jewish adults to India to help break the cycle of poverty and hunger by volunteering in food distribution and literacy among the children of the Mumbai slums. The program, started in June 2012, is the brainchild of Jacob Sztokman from Israel and Sigalith Isaac Ghosalkar from Thane, Mumbai. The innovative program utilizes Jewish volunteers from here and around the world while employing a micro-credit system of women groups located in the Kalwa slums to providing meals for 500 children living in the slum. Jewish volunteers assist the women groups in preparing the food, feeding the children and teaching English in an informal and innovative setting. The program works on short- and long-term solutions to global hunger by providing food to children attending school, a powerful incentive for families to help their children gain literacy rather than working on the streets.

The program, in collaboration with the JDC, India and the award-winning NGO REAP that runs classes for children (4-12) in the slums, enables young adults to volunteer in food preparation & distribution and literacy for slum children while studying social justice, Indian Jewish history, and issues of global hunger – all the while collaborating with Indian Jews to provide both immediate and long-term solutions to children’s hunger. GPM combines basic human compassion with a broad vision of change, transforming the lives of slum children, empowering women while inculcating young Jewish adults with the powerful ethos of care and connectivity that is vital to Jewish identity and peoplehood.

This meaningful, life transforming work is in collaboration with the Jewish community of India, creating a powerful new model that melds Jewish peoplehood and tikkun olam. It is a vision for alleviating poverty, eradicating illiteracy while educating young Jewish adults into a powerful ethos of care.

For more information view our website at www.gabrielprojectmumbai.org . You can contact Gabriel Project Mumbai at: 91-983-366-0944 or info@gabrielprojectmumbai.org
Members of REAP's local women’s groups and Gabriel Project Mumbai discussing the nutrition program for 500 children living in the Kalwa slums


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