Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Two GPM teachers get married!

A wedding ceremony is an incredibly special occasion in anyone's life. A traditional Indian wedding ceremony is both special and unique in its' traditions. 

The wedding ceremony of Anjana and Krishna, 2 of GPM's beloved teachers, was a beautiful event. It took place in Bhusarpada village, where GPM operates.

The day before the wedding, the Mehendi Ceremony took place. Henna is applied in a decorative pattern on the bride's hands and feet in order to utilize the hennas natural medicinal purposes of cooling the body and relieving stress.

On the day of the wedding, Anjana wore an Indian saree and Krishna wore a dhoti. Beautiful colors decorated the event as guests dressed in traditional Indian attire arrived. Music and laughter were heard the entire time as friends and family had a fabulous time.

Both children and staff from GPM were thrilled to be able to attend this spectacular event. A gift was given on behalf of GPM for all the hard work Anjana and Krishna have done. We wish them a beautiful home filled with love and good tidings!

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