Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A great present for vulnerable children this #GivingTuesday

Happy #GivingTuesday from all of us at GPM. It is easy to remember the excitement of going school supply shopping. From new pencils to fresh notebooks, there is a certain thrill to picking out your  materials for the year. 

The GPM students cannot afford school supplies. They do not have have desks to work on in their classrooms. Many children living in the under-served slums and villages of India come to school and sit on the floor to learn. Students bend over uncomfortably while writing and studying. This adversely effects their eyesight and posture which hampers their ability to study in school and to do homework back in their homes. We have also seen children carry their school books in their hands because they can't afford to buy a school bag!
GPM found a local Indian social enterprise that makes a school bag that turns into a desk for only $20! 
We thought that it would be great idea to be able to give each child a school bag that they can use as a desk in class and when they go back to their home to do homework. 
And each desk-bag is inexpensive! For just $20 you can give a child living in the slums a gift that will be used to further their education…and help them on their way to a brighter future.
Please help GPM give this awesome desk-bag to 300 children in our school in the slums. Our goal is to raise $6000 so that each of the 300 children will receive their desk-bags at the start of term on Jan 2018! 

We are excited to give the children in our classes an educational item that would fill their lives with pride; make them feel important while helping with their posture and studies. The desk-bags are light weight, water proof which looks after children’s’ backs while protecting schoolbooks from monsoon rains while walking to class.

Research has shown that sitting while leaning over and writing is bad for posture and eye-sight! The amazing desk in the school bag helps children study at school and at home!  

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