Thursday, August 18, 2016

One year anniversary of the Shravan Health Center in the slums of Mumbai

Gabriel Project Mumbai celebrated the one year anniversary of the Shravan Health Center in the Bhaskar Nagar slums. This was a very emotional and significant milestone for the clinic that caters to a population of 200,000 people in the slum.
Dr Alfred, Dr Kamran (DFY), Kenneth Dsouza
and Anju Mishra

The guest speaker at the anniversary celebrations was the Founder and Managing Director of Bethany Hospital, Dr. Stephen Alfred. His blessings for continued success of the Shravan Health Center were heartwarming. Elijah Jacob and staff from JDC India were also present as well as doctors and nursing staff of Doctors For You. But the greatest part of the occasion were the women, men and children of the neighborhood who came to celebrate THEIR community health center!

At the event GPM's latest health initiative was launched – malnutrition treatment program for babies diagnosed with acute malnutrition. See more HERE
Listening to a nutrition lecture for parents

The event also recognized the following accomplishments of the clinic over the year:
A medical survey and community health map of over 7000 families in the slums
A medical outreach program for bedridden and incapacitated individuals in the slums
The treatment of 12,000 individuals over the year
The implementation of night hours for working parents to bring their children
Subsidized onsite pharmacy (including free medicines)
Vaccination services in partnership with municipal authorities
Recognition as the only TB DOTS treatment center for cases of tuberculosis
Nutrition program for malnourished children

Thanks to all our supporters for making the Shravan Health Center such an important life-saving initiative for this underserved community.

To help support the Shravan Health Center, please donate HERE or contact us at GPM –

Containers of 'Hyderabad Mix' high protien/vitamin nutrition

Celebrating 1 year: Shravan Health Center

Enterance to the Shravan Health Center

Kids at the event

Outside the Shravan Health Center

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