Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A day out in nature with the children from Kalyan

Last week the GPM-JDC local Indian Jewish interns had a fantastic day with the children from distant slums in Kalyan. When the bus arrived at the Mumbai JCC, the interns along with the newly arrived GPM-JDC Entwine JSC cohort met the children with fun and educational games. The activities were well uniquely designed to boost the children's self-esteem & build confidence. This was followed by a fun drawing & coloring activity also revolving around the same theme.

The group took a short bus ride to the beautiful Mahim Nature Park where they ate a nutritious   Maharashtra lunch is  a midst the stunning scenery and the singing of birds. After lunch the children explored the nature around them – a very different setting to the polluted slum where they live.  There was a special designated tour guide who taught the children a fascinating introduction to the distinctive variety of flora &  fauna found in the park. The nature trek was an amazing experience for the children who were captivated with  the beauty of the tress, the insects & butterflies and hearing the birds chirping.  The tour was extremely interesting & very informative and the children were excited and engaged.

No one wanted the day to end but as the bus pulled out of the park the local interns and international fellows felt a strong bond to the children and the children left with new big dadas and didis (brothers and sisters) they were hoping to see again soon.

A big shout out to REAP and its teachers who escorted the children from Kalyan and for Maayan Shapurkar of the JDC India, Leya Elias from GPM and Eliana Phansapurkar for all their help on the day.

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