Monday, June 29, 2015

New album, KOCHI, celebrates Indian Jewish history - proceeds to GPM

The award-winning San Diego Jewish Men’s Choir, has released their latest album, 'KOCHI' - a
 musical celebration of the history of the Jews in India.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this album will go to Gabriel Project Mumbai's nutrition, literacy support, and health care programs to thousands of children living in the slums of Mumbai, India. 

KOCHI album cover
KOCHI, now available on Amazon pre-sale HEREis a fresh blend of timeless Jewish melodies infused with the sounds and flavors of traditional Indian instruments. The album celebrates Indian Jewish history; India has welcomed the Jewish people who were escaping persecution and  Jewish immigrants were encouraged to build synagogues and worship peacefully. Kochi, or Cochin and we know it, is a small fishing village which once had over 5,000 Jewish residents.   One of its two synagogues still functions today, the other is presently under reconstruction. 

KOCHI   The album features performances by notable artists; Butto, Dominic D’Cruz, Daniel Flam, Ricky Kej, Varsha Kej, Emilia Lopez-Yañez, Enrico Lopez-Yañez, Karthik K., Keerthy Narayan, Vanil Veigas, and Keith Wolzinger, and Renah Wolzinger.

Album selections range from traditional Ladino songs, Avraham Avinu (Abraham Our Father), and Adio Querida (Goodbye My Love), to the boisterous Hebrew wedding song, Od Yishama (It Will Yet Be Heard), and Eretz Zavat Chalav (Land of Milk and Honey). The beloved Yiddish song Sha Shtil (Hush, Quiet), is a stark contrast to the haunting plea for peace, Shir La Shalom (Song of Peace). 

Graphic Artist Suzanne Parlett has created the beautiful album cover and insert.  The insert features a forward by Rabbi Marvin Tokayer, acclaimed author of Pepper, Silk & Ivory-Amazing Stories About Jews and the Far East, and beautiful photos and illustrations of traditional instruments and Jewish relics from India. Translations are included as well.

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