Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Special chocolates: Sweet volunteering with special women

GPM-Entwine fellows volunteered last week with developmentally challenged women at Om creations in South Mumbai. GPM fellows worked side by side with Om members to create and package chocolates for sale throughout Mumbai.

Om Creations is a NGO founded to provide professional training and support to women born with Downs’ syndrome and other mental disabilities in order enable the women to work professionally and be fully active members of society. The organization is self-sustaining, with baking, handicrafts, painting, and more.

The GPM volunteers, together with the women of Om Creations, made hundreds of chocolates for business clients.

“The women of Om Creations were extremely friendly and welcoming, which inspired us and made the work fun,” said Leya Ellias, GPM Program Director. “We were all talking and chatting the whole time, and it was a great environment.”

This was the first collaboration between GPM and Om Creations, and plans are underway to continue this project and expand opportunities for collaboration.

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