Wednesday, November 5, 2014

GPM comes to Limmud India

GPM founding director Jacob Sztokman gave a riveting talk at the second annual Limmud India. His talk, which focused on social activism with vulnerable populations as a core Jewish value, generated lively discussions among participants. GPM volunteers attended the Jewish conference – a model of Jewish learning that takes place in dozens of communities around the world – and particularly enjoyed classes such as Indian Jewish history, explorations in community-development, insights from the deputy Israeli ambassador to India, Jewish yoga, and even Israeli belly dancing.

"Who would have ever thought that of all places in the world, India would be the place where I most get in touch with my Jewish identity!" said GPM volunteer Debra Feinberg. "Life is full of surprises."

Some GPM fellows with newly made friends at Limmud India
Nissim Pingle, head of the JCC Mumbai makes the opening remarks
Shayna Penkar, an award wining belly-dancer teaches the group to move at Limmud India 2014
Relaxing between sessions at Limmud
Jacob Sztokman talking about Tikkun Olam
Indian yoga with a Jewish flavor at Limmud India
Sharon Galsulkar teaching about what does it mean to be the chosen people?

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