Tuesday, May 27, 2014

GPM's 'Eat to Learn' nutrition program expanding to reach 1000 children!

The GPM innovative “Eat to Learn” nutrition program will be expanding by 25% to reach 1000 schoolchildren every day in the slums of Mumbai with fresh, hot, nutritious food.
Eat to Learn, which works to combat poverty by providing nutritious meals to children who attend school, began in June 2012 with 500 children ages 4-14. In 2013, the program expanded to 750 children – and led to an increase in attendance of children in school. This June, which opens the 2014-15 Indian school year, 1000 children will be benefiting from the work of GPM, including 250 preschool children for whom nutrition is particularly important for physical and cognitive development.

The children benefiting from the GPM Eat to Learn program attend classes run by GPM partners organization REAP, an award-winning NGO running a literacy network of classrooms throughout the slums and rural villages in and around Mumbai.

“The GPM project is vital for these children,” says REAP founding director Dr. Trevor Miranda. “The program provides a very important incentive for parents and children, and helps ensure that the children receive the support that they need in order to be able to learn.”

Eat to Learn, the GPM approach to poverty, child labor and malnutrition through the delivery of hot meals in school, is an innovation that addresses both the short term and long-term needs of the children. The immediate goal of hunger relief is achieved, malnutrition abated and a sound education is established to help end the cycle of poverty for children living in the slums.

“I’m so excited to see GPM grow and expand our reach”, says GPM founder Jacob Sztokman. “To see the look on the children’s faces when we arrive is so encouraging. And it’s thanks to all of our dedicated volunteers and supporters that we are able to make a difference in the children’s lives.”

Children attending one of the REAP classes with GPM volunteers

GPM volunteers and women of the REAP self-help empowerment
groups preparing food for the children in the slums

Women of the REAP self-help empowerment groups preparing food for the children in the Kalva slums

Local women in the central kitchen for the children in the Kalva slums

Eat and Learn: Actually, the children learn first and then eat a yummy lunch

Rice, dahl, vegetables and legumes

Dishing out food for the children

The dedicated women delivering food to children throughout the slums

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  1. Nice article. Salute to these women who are striving hard to feed the children through "Eat to Learn" Program. Same way Dabbawala's are provide
    tiffin service Mumbai so that people can comfortably eat at there office during lunch time