Sunday, September 1, 2013

10 Inspiring photos of GPM Summer volunteers in the slums of Mumbai

Have a look at 10 inspiring photos of the wonderfully inspiring work of JDC Entwine fellows volunteering with GPM this past summer. Brittany, Roxanne, Rachel, Sami, Brianna and Melissa --you guys are awesome!

After class--so much fun!

Sami and the girls

Effie and the kids

'The Insey Winsey Spider'

Sami and Emunah at the Mumbai JCC

At Bayiti - JDC run old age home in Panvel Mumbai

Jewish children and children from the slums learning and playing together at the Mumbai JCC!

Melissa teaching the kids a fun science lesson

Pimkey's class

Brittany and a friend

Rachel and the guys

Roxanne and her posse
Brianna and her buddy

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  1. "Brianna and her buddy" is the perfect caption! Aspak!!