Sunday, April 14, 2013

Join us at a GPM event at Boston's historic Vilna Shul!

Join us at the historic Vilna Shul, in Boston on Sunday 12th May (4pm) to hear about Gabriel Project Mumbai's work with vulnerable children in the slums of Mumbai and celebrate the rich history, vibrancy and traditions of the Indian Jewish community:

Giving of Ourselves
Exploring Jewish India with Gabriel Project, Mumbai founder Jacob Sztokman

 NEW DATE: May 12th at 4:00pm
18 Phillips Street, Boston, MA
Take the Red Line to Charles/MGH

Join us at the Historic Vilna Shul for a special event as we celebrate the richness of global Jewish life and the groundbreaking work of the Gabriel Project, Mumbai.
Founded in 2011, the Gabriel Project works to inspire the worldwide Jewish community to take action in the slums of India. At the core of the organization are young Jews from around the world who dedicate their time to teaching literacy and providing nutrition for children living in Mumbai’s slum. Volunteers are placed in the program through the JDC's Global Jewish Service Corps.
Jacob’s organization is a stunning example of someone who combines a Jewish ethos with the Jewish historical experience and uses it to motivate others to lift people out of the bondage that is poverty.
If you are interested in serving abroad, learning about Jewish cultures, or are simply curious about what it is like to live in India, join us on April 21st.  
We will hear Jacob’s inspirational story of his work founding the Gabriel Project and afterward enjoy entertainment and refreshments, including European Ashkenazi foods alongside sweet flavors unique to Jewish India.  This event is free and open to the public, so bring your friends!

What is the Vilna Shul?
Boston’s last remaining immigrant-era synagogue, the Vilna Shul is now a place of learning where Jewish history, culture and spirituality are open and accessible to everyone. It is a must-see historic site for visitors to Boston and a unique community venue for concerts, speakers, films and Jewish life cycle events.

For information and registration visit or contact 
Jessica at (617) 523-2324.

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