Sunday, March 24, 2013

Greatest Indian Jewish Youth Cricket Tournament in history!

GPM volunteers were honored to be invited to participate in the annual Jewish Youth Pioneers Cricket tournament sponsored by the JDC India and the local JCC. Held at the courtyard of the Sir Elly Kadoorie High School, a famous Jewish  landmark, the forty Jewish youth were divided into four teams eager to claim the winners trophy. Armed with cricket bats and the determination to beat their opponents, the teams began to battle in the day long 'box cricket match'.

The natural talent of the local players was quickly apparent but soon a MVP emerged from amongst the GPM ranks. His first time playing cricket, Josh from Ohio proved to be a great fielder, bowler an batsman. At times the innings were intense and the rapid pace of the bowling and batting got the better of several batters who attempted to hit the balls out of bounds. There is no doubt that the sporting spirit of Sachin Tendulkar, Sir Donald Bradman and Sunil Gavaskar entered the psyche of the players during this match! The match went on for several hours with a break for lunch and a little socializing.

Many thanks to Salome Abraham of the JDC and the great sportsmen and sportswomen of the JYP for an incredible experience and a most enjoyable day.

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