Wednesday, June 20, 2012

GPM volunteers providing hot lunches for the children

GPM volunteers help deliver and serve hot meals of chapati (large pita's) rice, vegetables, dahl, sprouts, fruit to 500 schoolchildren in the Mumbai slums. The class rooms are run by REAP, a grass-roots NGO that is working to combat poverty by promoting literacy among the poorest, youngest members of the Mumbai community. These marginalized groups would otherwise send their children to work in order to provide money for basic food. GPM, by providing hot meals to the kids who go to school, offers a powerful incentive for parents to send their children to school instead of to work. This is a win-win solution, providing immediate relief for hunger and poverty within the context of promoting literacy – because the real long-term solution to poverty is in education. GPM is thrilled to be able to partner with REAP ( on this really important project. 

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